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Dear Sandra

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and the other staff for giving me a chance to experience life in a care home. I have gained a better understanding of the challenges and the rewards that both staff and residents experience on a daily basis.

You’ve all been very supportive and I am very appreciative of this. I hope I have been a help to you also.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend on Saturday but I would like to extend a warm congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

Kind regards

Nicole Gill

Dear Joy

Both Barbara and myself would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for looking after Mum (Hetty) for 7 years. We both feel sure that she wouldn’t have lived as long as she did if it hadn’t been for the help and care she received in that time.

When we were looking for a care home for Mum, as soon as we stepped into Tordarrach, we were made most welcome and knew straight away that this was the place Mum would be happy. Having just lost her daughter and our sister was an extremely difficult time for us all, but the staff and yourself were very helpful. She was encouraged to bring her own personal furniture and pictures with her which also helped to make her feel at home.

Unlike other homes that we looked at, we were told that she could treat this like her own home and visitors were welcome at any time which we always were with the offer of tea or coffee always being appreciated.

As well as Mum enjoying herself, the family also enjoyed the Christmas parties and the annual barbeque that was arranged by the staff.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for the floral tribute to Mum and to the staff who attended her funeral.


Dear Joy

I write with great thanks for the way you came into our family at a time of great stress and took on the requirement of managing the day to day life of my mother over the past 18 months.

I know that in the early days the time and consideration given to both her and me by you and your staff made the transition from her own home into your family group as peaceful as it possibly could have been. Certainly just to see her at the Christmas parties was a delight in itself.

We both know that over the past few months she became a different and sometimes difficult person to be around, but again your staff managed to maintain the highest possible levels of care.

I thank you for your floral tribute you arranged and from the bottom of my heart cannot express the total contentment I had being associated with you home and the care given to my mother.

I am happy to pass on a cheque that was given to us from a close friend of mum. We trust that this will go in some small way to provide the high service levels to the other residents in the future.

Again my personal thanks.

With best regards.

I am writing this letter in appreciation to all the staff at Tordarrach Nursing Home. My Mother Peggy V has Parkinson’s Disease and had several falls at home before being admitted to hospital in January this year. I had looked after her for the last 11 years and the last 4 years she lived with myself and my husband. Her condition worsened a great deal and now is unable to walk or feed herself. After 6 weeks in hospital the staff and my mother agreed that she needed 24 hour care. I cried for weeks about this decision as I never wanted my mother to go into a nursing home. My mother went to Tordarrach in March. After looking around for a suitable place for my mother I found Tordarrach and I thank god I did.

My mother loves it there and the staff love her. They respect her wishes and never make her do anything she does not want to do. The staff make myself and my children, grandchildren and mums great grandson very welcome and we always get offered tea or coffee when we arrive. The staff always keep me informed if my mother has to have a visit from her GP or anything to do with my mothers medical condition. I was introduced to the Chef who prepares the residents meals which my mother always enjoys.

I cannot speak anymore highly about Tordarrach and in my opinion was the best choice I could have made for her. She is always spotlessly clean and so are her surroundings.

Once again thank you to all the staff who have made us all so welcome and made my mother and my family feel as if we now have found an extended family.

Yours sincerely

The Family

Mrs Joy Obaro
Tordarrach Nursing Home


We just wanted to write to express our heart-felt thanks for all that you and the staff have done to make Eileen comfortable and happy over the past (almost!) 10 years.

We could not have wished her to be in a more relaxed and caring environment and we feel ourselves fortunate indeed that your name came up and that you had a place for Eileen when we needed it.


All your staff have been kind and welcoming, offering chairs and cups of tea when we arrived. More importantly, Eileen always looked well cared for and dressed and I know that people have put themselves out to feed her at all times of the day so that she has recovered from illness. We also know that she could be challenging in the mornings and at bedtime but your staff always laughed about it with us, which we appreciated.


We did want to mention that some of your staff have been particularly outstanding for us over the years – Victoria, who we really missed after she left; Irene, who always looked after Mum’s clothes so well; Brian and more latterly Charles, who were both so very good with Mum and got such a good response from her, which was very important for us to see.

We were only sorry that we were unable to come on Saturday to say goodbye – we had a horsebox delivered from the North which we had to be there to receive.


However, we do have happy memories of previous events – Summer BBQs and particularly of Christmas parties where we enjoyed your generosity – the good food and the pantomimes – along with the company of some of the lovely residents from your other homes – we always thought that was such a good idea.


Lastly, we wanted to thank you personally as it has been incredibly important for us to have someone we could approach when we needed to and have really appreciated your warm welcome whenever we saw you.


We do wish you and Tordarrach well in the future.


With all best wishes


G & N Barttell

My aunt has been at the Tordarrach since December 2006. She was aged 99, had been living alone, with some carer support. She had a bad fall and her social worker assessed her as no longer able to cope at home. She was placed at the Todorrach Nursing Home as an emergency.

I consider that both she and I are very lucky to have found the Tordarrach in this way. Given what one reads in the press about some homes, there is always cause for concern, but we have been happy from day one. The staff are kind and caring. She now has people who speak to her and make a fuss of her. She is clean and well dressed and a hairdresser and chiropodist visit regularly. There are also various activities each week although Floss’s hearing and sight do no always allow her to join in in the same way as others.

Although I visit regularly, I welcome the additional events like the Christmas party, summer barbecue and the cheese and wine evening when there is an opportunity to hear what has and will be happening. Also, the chance to make any comments, -although this is welcomed and encouraged by the staff at any time.

An excellent party was arranged for Floss’s 100th birthday including a beautiful cake. An ex-mayor, the then Leader of Sutton Council, also attended and made an amusing speech. There was also a celebration of her 101 st birthday.

To sum up, I am happy with all aspects of my aunt’s accommodation and treatment.


My wife and I wish to say a big thank you to all the nurses, aides and support personnel for making my mother Lilian’s last few months of her long life comfortable and loved.

We both agree that we could not have found a better home for her and would not hesitate in recommending Tordarrach.

Lilian’s funeral is being held at the North East Surrey Crematorium on 9th February 2010. The service will begin at 12 noon.

Once again many thanks to all of you.

God Bless!

Dear Joy

I write now on behalf of my family and myself formally to express to you and your staff our grateful thanks and appreciation for the care and attention that you gave to my father during the best part of year which he spent in your care home.

We consider that he could not have been resident in a better care home with dedicated and committed staff and a comfortable environment. This was all particularly pleasing to us as Dad was clearly happy at the home and enjoyed the care and attention that was lavished on him. On many occasions in the past, from the time that sadly my mother’s Altzemiers developed to a stage where Dad could no longer cope with the demands of being the carer, he had expressed the hope that he would never have to become resident in a care home. His view and attitude clearly changed when he became a resident in your care home as a result of circumstances dictating that he could no longer live alone subject only to daily visits from the care staff of the County Council, but rather to be subject to 7 day 24hour care and attention.

We were delighted that after the initial trauma of relocating some 90 miles or so from where he had spent the first 94 years of his life, he settled in so well. This must have been due in no small measure to the attitude of the staff and the feeling of a being part of one big family – an atmosphere which you have obviously established and maintained as part of your operations. You should know that Dad was always complimentary about the care and attention that he received and the standard of hygiene to which he was subjected. Indeed, we were able to say shortly after he became a resident that he looked better in every way than he had for some time previously.

Dad much appreciated the efforts made on his behalf by the home and the staff confirmed by the fact that he took every opportunity to state to his visitors and to the social services inspectorate that he could not fault the care and attention that he received. He was always a generous and appreciative man as evinced by so many past deeds which he carried out for others and the comment he always made to those who did things for him namely “thank you for all your kindness”.

There is no doubt in our mind that Dad’s last 12 months with us were happy ones for him despite the discomfort that he suffered from time to time due principally to the unsuccessful hip operation he had many years ago. He clearly felt one of your ‘family’ of residents and he enjoyed the company of the other residents and the interaction with the staff. He had a special affection for Nicky, Abby, Jenny and of course Victoria who could not do too much for him and who he referred to as “my Queen”. He was also very fond of Felix who, whilst going about his duties, always found time to engage in conversation with Dad who was himself by nature a gregarious person and who appreciated being able to converse with others. Please ensure that our thanks go to those named and indeed to all members of your staff – they all contributed to make an old man’s life interesting and happy to the end and we could not ask for more.

I confirm that we have no use for Dad’s clothes some of which are comparatively new and we would like you, where possible, to use them for the benefit of the other male residents in the home. Those items that cannot be used in this way can be thrown out with the rubbish. We also gift to you Dad’s wheel chair as we feel certain that it can be put to good use in aiding the mobility of some of the residents both inside and trips from and to the home when necessary.

We specially thank you for allowing Jenny to attend the funeral to represent you and colleagues – this was much appreciated and particularly apt as she had accompanied him to the hospital when he went into some sort of coma just prior to Xmas and had been most attentive to him on his return to the home up to the last.

In Dad’s words thanks once again to one and all for all your kindness.

Yours sincerely

My family are happy that mum is very well looked after at Tordarrach and it gives us peace of mind knowing that she is safe and happy.

The staff make us very welcome when we come to visit at any time.


I came to the home because I could not look after myself anymore.

The staff have made me very welcome from the day I came, its very comfortable and clean.

The staff are so friendly and look after me very well. My family and friends can visit me whenever they like and they are made very welcome as well.

I feel very safe here and happy to spend the rest of my days here.

Hetty Bellinger