The tables and chairs delivered,  now all we had to do was wait for the 13th to arrive for our annual BBQ event.


The day started cloudy and at times big black clouds looked like rain, however it was relatively warm.


People started arriving around 3pm and staff, residents, relatives and friends made their way to the garden.


Residents from Raola House and Roanu House also joined us and everyone was in good spirits.

With the food sizzling over hot coals, everyone enjoyed all the lovely food and the ribs and chicken just kept coming.

Gary from Raola House –  enjoyed the music and was joining in a sing-along.  At the end of the afternoon he also helped stack the chairs away which was a great help.

Kathleen from Roanu House – thoroughly enjoyed the whole afternoon especially the food and kept asking “when was the next one”?

Cissy from Tordarrach – as always, enjoyed the music and had a “little wiggle”.

Ben from Tordarrach  – enjoyed the whole afternoon and loved being out doors.  After most of the guests had gone, he made his way to the end of the garden where the BBQ was still going for a second helping.  With hot dog in one hand and chicken in the other, he said it reminded him of the times he used to cook with his family and also when he cooked outside during his time in the war.  He even offered to cook for us at the next one!

For the residents who could not make it outside, the staff ensured they did not miss out and BBQ food was taken to their rooms so they still felt part of the occasion.

The afternoon came to a close around 6pm and we had made it through the afternoon without a drop of rain.  Everyone had a really enjoyable time.

The Management at Rashot Ltd would like to say a special “Thank you” to the kitchen staff for their lovely spread, to our BBQ Chefs who slaved over hot coals, to all the staff for their help and most of all, to everyone who turned up making it such an enjoyable event.