Frequently Asked Questions
Does the care have to be for a certain length of time?
Both long and short term care can be provided – all our packages are tailor made to suit the service users need.
Is Rashot Limited insured?
Yes, Rashot Ltd is fully insured.
Are the staff at Rashot fully trained?
Rashot prides itself on a training programme for all its staff. We believe that better trained people can provide a higher quality of care service.
What kind of people can you help?
We can help a whole range of people including older people, adults with disabilities and vulnerable people.
Who pays for care?

All our care managers will be happy to answer your questions about how care can be paid for. Please contact us for details.

We do understand that this is one of the most daunting questions, particularly if the person requiring care has assets such as property or if they are receiving benefits. However, there are many different solutions and for many people, payment is shared by Social Services and private means.

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How many possessions can you take with you into a home?

When a person has to leave their home, where they have lived for many years, they will inevitably have many personal possessions they wish to bring with them.

All rooms in our care homes are already furnished but, whilst we cannot accommodate large pieces of furniture, we actively encourage people to bring mementoes that are important to them, such as personal treasures, photos and smaller furniture or ornaments.

All our bedrooms are maintained to a high standard, and we ensure that any redecoration is carried out with minimal inconvenience to the resident. We will be happy to discuss individual requirements before the moving date.

What is the difference between a residential home and a nursing home?
People living in our homes receive the benefit of staff being on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In our residential homes, people are more independent usually needing less intensive care. Those living in our nursing homes require ongoing supervision in an environment where their nursing needs are fully met. All nursing care staff are professionally qualified in their individual areas of expertise.
Can we visit a home to find out more?

Rashot welcomes pre-arranged visits and actively encourages people to spend time with us to find out how we operate and to experience the friendly atmosphere in Tordarrach House. Our ethos is centred around helping people themselves, or their loved ones, make the important decisions about care.

How freely can I visit someone in their nursing home?
We have unrestricted visiting hours and welcome visitors who wish to see their friends and relatives. In some circumstances, such as at mealtimes, it may be advisable to check in advance.
Do you cater for special dietary needs?

Rashot caters for everyone and Tordarrach House provides a varied and healthy menu choice for our residents. Our cook along with Matron is trained in nutritional risk assessment and understands about nutritional requirements for older people.

What will happen if more serious medical problems arise while in care?
Our staff are trained to deal with all types of medical emergencies and are highly qualified to look after the needs of all our residents.
Is Tordarrach House registered and thoroughly inspected?

Yes, all care homes must comply with the law and with the registering Authority’s own guidelines in order to guarantee a high standard of care. Every home also undergoes regular inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), after which a report is sent to the home with any recommendations and actions required.

We will be happy to provide copies of individual reports; alternatively they can be downloaded from the website.

Visit CQC website